Delicious Food For You.

We have served more than 10K customers around the United Arab Emirates. Loved and Trusted by our customers.

What We Offer

We serve the best quality food in UAE. Our home delivery service is available all over the country.

Best Kacchi in Town

According to our esteemed customers, our Katchi Biryani is the best in town.

Special Bharta

Our special bharta is Bengali tradition, Bengali taste

Special Mutton

The taste of our special and delicious Mutton will impress you.

Our Story

This initiative is aimed at providing Asian food to the Asian population in the United Arab Emirates.

“Asia Royal Restaurant” is ensuring authentic taste of Asian food to Asian crowd staying in UAE. “Asia Royal Restaurant” always strives to ensure customer satisfaction. We always prepare food for you in a healthy way. We believe our environment and food quality will attract you. thank you

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Our Services


Come now to “Asia Royal Restaurant” to have a special Beakfast


Come now to “Asia Royal Restaurant” to have a special Lunch


Come now to “Asia Royal Restaurant” to have a special Dinner

Our Menu

Plain Polao

Enjoy Our Special Plain Polao

Special Tehari

Enjoy Our Special Tehari

Special Chicken Biriyani

Enjoy Our Special Chicken Biriyani

Mixed Vegetable

Enjoy Special Mixed Vegetable

Egg Omlet

Enjoy Special Egg Omlet

Illish(Hilsha) Fry

Enjoy Special Illish Fry

Chitol Kofta

Enjoy Chitol Kofta

Mutton Kosha

Enjoy Mutton Kosha

Beef Curry

Enjoy Beef Curry

Special Beef Combo

Enjoy Beef Combo

Our Head Chef

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Jack Richard

Head Chef

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